Digital Health Week is a global week of action that brings together the various stakeholders in the digital transformation of health systems, including governments, civil society, private sector, international institutions and the public.

The goal is to foster collaboration and bring global attention to the opportunities that digital health carries to achieve Universal Health Coverage.

Digital Health Week is a non-branded event, encouraging ownership and participation from organisations big and small around the world. Anyone can take action during Digital Health Week and seize this global moment as their own. Currently, Transform Health manages and organises Digital Health Week.

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Participating in Digital Health Week

There are three key ways to get involved in Digital Health Week:

  • Host events – Organisations can organise events during Digital Health Week. These happen virtually and in cities around the world. Events happening throughout the week are listed on the Digital Health Week platform, inviting wider engagement from a global audience. Virtual events take place on the platform itself.
  • Make a commitment – Organisations make measurable commitments on how their upcoming work advances the digital transformation of health, as a way of public accountability towards the shared goal of Universal Health Coverage.
  • Tell your digital health story – During Digital Health Week, organisations and individuals draw public attention to digital health by producing and amplifying content about the role of digital health in achieving health for all, including articles, videos, podcasts and engaging on social media.

During Digital Health Week, people around the world tune into events, engage on social media, and share why digital health matters to them.

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2021: The first global Digital Health Week

In 2021, Transform Health coordinated the first global Digital Health Week, which saw large-scale participation at the global and national levels. Over the course of one week, over 10,000 people tuned in to 80+ events and 38 commitments made across 40 countries by 71 organisations.

DHW 2021 event by SpeakUp Africa & Baobab Institute in Senegal on ‘Creating an Enabling Environment for Digital Health’

DHW 2021 event by Philips Indonesia and IAKMI in Indonesia titled ‘Accelerate Digitalization to Address Healthcare Inequity in Indonesia through Collaboration’

A DHW 2021 radio session on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation's UNIIQ FM titled “Leveraging Digital Health for the Benefit of Workers in Ghana” by Curious Minds Ghana

DHW 2021 event by RSUD dr. H. Soemarno Sosroatmodjo Kuala Kapuas titled ‘Implementation of Digital Health in Kapuas Regency, Indonesia’

Launch of Transform Health’s report ‘Making the Case for Digital Health: Accelerating Progress Towards Achieving UHC’ during DHW 2021

Hon. Nana Ayew Afriye, Chairman, Parliamentary Select Committee on Health, Ghana, speaking at the DHW 2021 event in Ghana titled “UHC for all in a digital age: What can we do to make it happen?” organised by PharmAccess Ghana, Healthcare Federation of Ghana and Transform Health

DHW 2021 event titled “More and Better Funding for the Digital Transformation of Health Systems” organised by Joep Lange Institute, Transform Health and PATH/Digital Square

DHW 2021 saw the soft launch of the I-DAIR Global Research Map: Addressing Inequity in Global Research

DHW 2021 event by KELIN titled Reimagining the Digital Health Legal and Policy Landscape in Kenya: Opportunities to Realise UHC


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Digital Health Week


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