The week of action for digital health is back and will be taking place from 10-16 October 2022! Digital Health Week 2021 demonstrated the appetite for  such a moment by organisations across the world, and highlighted the power of collective action. It fostered new partnerships, saw bold new commitments made for digital transformation, and engaged over 10,000 people in conversations about digital health and its  potential to deliver Universal Health Coverage by 2030.


Digital Health Week is a global moment where civil society organisations, governments, private companies and health institutions come together to champion digital health for Universal Health Coverage. It is being held from 10-16 October 2022. Find more information on the official website.

2022 Theme: Bridging the technical-political divide

This year’s theme invites you to consider how to work across different sectors and disciplines to harness the potential of digital technology and data to strengthen sustainable and equitable health systems. Conversations about digital health are often limited to technical experts or private sector innovators and sometimes fail to address some of the broader legislative, regulatory, management or funding changes necessary to enable digital transformation across the health system. To ensure the sustainable digital transformation of health systems at scale, we need  to break out of our  silos, collaborate across sectors and ensure greater political support and leadership.

Digital and data governance

Transform Health and its partners are bridging the technical and political divide by focusing on the issue of digital and data governance and the need for stronger health data governance. We invite organisations to join the conversation, take action, endorse the Health Data Governance Principles and organise events on this issue.

How can I participate in Digital Health Week 2022?

Get involved in Digital Health Week, spotlight your organisation’s efforts, build partnerships and engage with experts and committed practitioners from around the world.

There are three key main ways of participating in Digital Health Week. See more in our Participation Guide.

  1. Host an event
    Bring together diverse stakeholders in your region, country or community to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital health, and how we can work together to bridge the technical-political divide.

    DEADLINE: August 31 2022

  2. Submit a commitment
    Showcase your organisation’s ongoing work and future plans to accelerate the digital transformation of health by making a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) commitment. Commitments can be financial, technical, programmatic or advocacy-based, among others!
  3. Tell your digital health story
    Champion the potential of digital health to deliver health for all by writing an op-ed, publishing content on social media, or filming a video. Digital Health Week will feature diverse voices and perspectives on digital health from various regions, contexts and communities.

What’s new this year?

This year, we are simplifying the process of hosting virtual events during Digital Health Week with a centralised virtual event platform, which will stream all virtual events, register all virtual attendees and display the overall schedule.

In-person events will be listed on the platform, but registration and other logistics will be done by the host organisation. (An external registration link can be added to the DHW platform). However, we encourage you to add a hybrid (live-streaming) element to your in-person event, ensuring that it can be streamed on the events platform and reach a wider audience.

Please note that organisations are responsible for organising and managing their own events – including deciding the topic, finding speakers, and engaging with the audience.

Organisations that have submitted commitments last year can reaffirm their commitments by updating on the progress made since Digital Health Week 2021.

Finally, this year features we will be dedicating encouraging more storytelling about digital health. Individuals and organisations are invited to share articles, videos, podcasts and graphics of diverse perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of digital health and to promote these through their own social media platforms.