Transform Health Annual Report

From the Chairs of the Executive Committee

The digital transformation of health systems has become an integral part of the narrative on how we can advance the world’s progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030. With only seven years left to achieve the goal of UHC 2030, we must think beyond the disruptive power of individual technologies and tools. Instead, we must ensure that we have the right enabling environment for this digital transformation to be inclusive, sustainable and rights-based. Transform Health has had a significant role in advocating for this enabling environment since our inception in 2019.

The digitalisation of the health sector, among others, has largely revolved around technology’s ability to generate, store, sift through and interpret vast amounts of data. A health data governance framework is essential to build trust between communities and those collecting data so that it can be used for the public good. The Health Data Governance Principles developed by Transform Health in April 2022 provide a solid foundation based on human rights and equity that should inform such a framework.

Presently, little information exists about the financial resource requirements or how funding should be invested to achieve the sustainable and equitable digital transformation of health systems. To address this gap, Transform Health published a report titled Closing the digital divide: More and better funding for the digital transformation of health. It identifies nine key priority areas for digital health investment and estimates an indicative figure for resource needs for a digital transformation of health systems in low- and lower-middle-income countries over the next five years.

As an expanding sector, stakeholders involved in digital health transformation also require avenues to come together, collaborate, and learn from one another. Digital Health Week, hosted for the second consecutive year in 2022, has created one such avenue to build communities of practice. Nationally, Transform Health national coalitions in Indonesia, Kenya and newly in Ecuador and Rajasthan (India), are building the consensus and political will necessary to drive national and subnational digital transformation.

We are proud to present the Transform Health Annual Report 2022, which outlines the significant work the coalition has achieved this year to strengthen political will, advocate for stronger health data governance and for increased and coordinated investment in digital health.

Christoph Benn

President, Transform Health

Nanjira Sambuli

Vice-President, Transform Health


This year Transform Health made significant strides in advocating for an inclusive enabling environment for the sustainable digital transformation of health systems.

We stepped up our advocacy for a global health data governance framework and started a conversation with governments, donors and multilateral institutions on resourcing and investment for digital health through the launch of a report that will form the basis for our future engagement on this issue. We also deepened our advocacy at national and regional levels with our partners.

7 April 2022

Launch of the Health Data Governance Principles on World Health Day

25 May 2022

Side-event at World Health Assembly 2022 positioning health data governance as a key issue

May 2022

Transform Health Ecuador set up

16 Aug 2022

Set up of #MyDataOurHealth campaign in East & West Africa about our personal health data

Aug 2022

Enabling Function (Secretariat) met for the first time for a 3-day retreat in Kenya

14 JULY 2022

Transform Health Kenya and Transform Health Indonesia officially launched their national coalitions and kicked off implementation of their national strategies

19 Sep 2022

Public letter submitted to WHO signed by 150+ orgs for action on health data governance

10-16 Oct 2022

100+ orgs participate in second global week of action during Digital Health Week | 10-16 Oct 2022

18 Oct 2022

New Conceptual Framework on digital health investment launched at World Health Summit

14 Dec 2022

Regional launches of the investment report in Latin America and at the Africa Health Tech Summit at CPHIA organised by Africa CDC

1 Nov 2022

Transform Health India (Rajasthan) set up


Read more about how Transform Health has progressed towards its objectives.

Equity and inclusion

Transform Health is deeply committed to our five core principles: equity, inclusion, rights, empowerment and partnerships.

Below are some of the goals we have achieved in 2022.


of coalition partners headquartered in LMICs


engaged as coalition partners


of the members of the Enabling Function (secretariat) hailing from LMICs


of the members of the Enabling Function (secretariat) being women


2022 has been an extraordinary year for Transform Health, for digital health and for all of us, as individuals, colleagues and advocates. We started the year in lockdown and ended it able to meet partners and colleagues and reestablish relationships built and sustained through digital means over the last two and a half years. Among the reflections we take forward over the coming year is that technology has the potential to connect us all and allow us to achieve our goals, and yet is no substitute for human contact.

Learn more about what Transform Health is looking ahead to in 2023 from our Executive Director, Mathilde Forslund.

Mathilde Forslund

Executive Director, Transform Health


We are pleased to present the financial statement for the fiscal year 2022 that reflects the impact we have made through our initiatives and programs.