2022 Annual Report


Putting Our Values into Practice

Putting Our Values Into Practice: Equity and Inclusion at Transform Health

Transform Health is deeply committed to our five core values: equity, inclusion, rights, empowerment and partnerships. We have developed coalition-wide, measurable and implementable indicators that map our progress to being a wholly healthy, equity-minded and inclusive space.


of coalition partners headquartered in LMICs


engaged as coalition partners


of the members of the Enabling Function (secretariat) being women


of the members of the Enabling Function (secretariat) hailing from LMICs


engaged as coalition partners

Equitable Distribution Model

The coalition has established an equitable distribution model to ensure that resources (funding and technical support) are granted to national and community-level partners, particularly organisations led by youth, women and marginalised communities – from among national coalition partners, regional networks as well as community-based organisations in LMICs. This approach underlies all our work and will be further scaled up in 2023.

In our national coalitions, resources are shared among national partners by the national coordinator to implement the coalition strategy.

In the advocacy for a health data governance framework, we partnered with and funded a range of organisations to develop the Principles, disseminate them, and get them endorsed and adopted by governments and other organisations.

For Digital Health Week, we offered small grants to CBOs, particularly those focussing on youth, women and marginalised communities, to organise events and share their digital health stories. More than 100 organisations participated and took action during Digital Health Week 2022, with particular representation from organisations headquartered in LMICs.

The operating model of our My Data, Our Health campaign is also based on the capacity strengthening and distribution of funds to a network of 28 CBOs in East and West Africa, that enables them to mobilise their communities.

Our values


Everyone should have access to equitable, affordable, and high-quality healthcare


Everyone should be included in the design, use and governance of digital approaches that may affect their health and well-being.


Everyone should be aware of and able to exercise their rights in relation to digital technologies and their own data.


Everyone should be able to make better decisions about their personal health using real-time health information and their own, protected health data.


Individuals and organisations should work together to ensure people are able to control their own data and achieve better health outcomes for themselves and their communities.