Stronger health data governance is a fundamental prerequisite to digitally enabling and transforming health systems. Digital transformation of health systems includes scaling up the use of existing technological tools such as electronic medical records and health management information systems, but also innovation such as novel telemedicine approaches and digital epidemiology.

We are calling for a global health data governance framework, underpinned by human rights-based principles, to be endorsed by governments by May 2024.

Such digital technologies depend fundamentally on, and generate vast amounts of, data: personal and non-personal, health and non-health. Rights-based, reliable and representative health data governance is crucial to digital transformation. When utilised responsibly, digital health technologies and high-quality data can help accelerate health equity by making health systems stronger, more effective, more accessible, and more responsive to the needs of the populations they serve.

Calling for a global health data governance framework

Since its inception, Transform Health has advocated and campaigned for a global health data governance framework that allows for meaningful and trustworthy use of health data, while safeguarding data privacy, ownership and security.

A global governance framework on health data would enable the implementation of globally agreed and standardised regulation to govern the collection and use of health data, ensuring it maximises public benefit within and across borders, whilst safeguarding individual rights. Effective health data governance also requires regional, national and community level guidance and expertise that addresses the cultural and contextual needs of citizens and communities

The Health Data Governance Principles | #HealthDataPrinciples

A global health data governance framework must be underpinned by equity and human rights-based principles.

In 2021-22, Transform Health led the development of the Health Data Governance Principles , which bring a human rights and equity lens to the use of data within and across health systems. Developed through an inclusive, bottom-up process , they bring together contributions from over 200 experts across diverse geographies, sectors and stakeholders.

The Health Data Governance Principles are the first global set of principles, applicable across stakeholder groups, to guide the use of data in health systems. They are oriented towards supporting sustainable and resilient public health systems that can deliver Universal Health Coverage (UHC). With the rights of individuals and communities at their core, the Principles are clustered around three key objectives: protect people, promote health value, and prioritise equity. They create a common vision where all people and communities can share, use and benefit from health data.


The Principles have been endorsed by 100+ organisations! Endorse the Principles now.

Calls to Action

  • Governments sponsor a resolution at the 2023 World Health Assembly for the development of a global health data governance framework, ensuring it is underpinned by the Principles and developed through a fully inclusive process.
  • Endorse the Health Data Governance Principles
  • Prioritise health data governance as part of global, regional and national agendas.


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