Transform Health’s new working group on investing in digital health transformation

Transform Health has been advocating for the digital transformation of health as a route to strengthening primary health care and accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). We believe that digital health and data-led solutions are key drivers towards achieving UHC 2030. 

Digital tools can help improve accessibility, affordability and quality of health services, presenting enormous opportunities for advancing UHC and improving health equity.  The equitable, inclusive and sustainable digital transformation of health systems can help scale up access to primary health care services, strengthen health system resilience, and close equity gaps to enable global ambitions of achieving health for all. 

Last year, Transform Health launched a new report, Closing the digital divide: More and better funding for the digital transformation of health, which makes the case for better investment in digital health transformation, with recommendations to guide investment and action to deliver health for all in the digital age. Transform Health subsequently developed a  Partner Action Plan, which sets out priority areas for action, to take forward the report recommendations.

To bring together partners to deliver on this, Transform Health launched a new Investing Smarter in Digital Health Transformation working group, which is co-chaired by Lucy Setian, Director of Digital Transformation at Novartis Foundation and Laurie Werner, Co-Lead of PATH’s Center of Digital and Data Excellence. The working group is a platform for Transform Health partners and other stakeholders to coordinate and jointly implement work in support of increased and better coordinated investment for the equitable, inclusive and sustainable digital transformation of health systems in low and lower-middle income countries. Guided by the Partner Action Plan, the working group will prioritise key pieces of work to deliver tangible results and impact, with a focus on tools to guide investment and improved tracking and accountability. The working group will also prioritise ensuring that digital health investment is high on political agendas and will provide a space to facilitate collaboration amongst partners and with existing groups and initiatives to cross-fertilise messages and work. 

The working group represents diverse organisations and stakeholders. New members are welcome and can express their interest in joining the working group by completing this short form.

We look forward to working with partners to jointly drive this agenda forward!