Transform Health is excited to announce that the Digital Transformations for Health Lab (DTH-Lab) has become the newest partner to join the coalition. DTH-Lab joins 150+ coalition partners committed to working together to deliver health for all in the digital age.

The DTH-Lab was established in 2023 to take forward recommendations of the Lancet and Financial Times Commission on Governing Health Futures 2030. Transform Health contributed to the Commission’s work, through joint consultations and events, and has supported dissemination of the Commission’s report, which calls for value-based and youth-centred governance of digital transformations. 

As a global policy and research-focused consortium, the DTH-Lab will contribute to coalition goals through cutting-edge research, strengthening youth leadership, driving innovations in policy and practice and shifting political agendas in order to put young people at the centre of digital-first health systems; advancing value-based governance of digital transformations in health; and addressing digital determinants of health. 

Attending the DTH-Lab’s launch event at the World Health Summit in October, Transform Health’s president, Christoph Benn highlighted Transform Health and the DTH-Lab’s shared goal of ensuring that digital transformations support the achievement of universal health coverage, with a strong focus on young people.

On joining the coalition, Aferdita Bytyqi, Executive Director of the DTH-Lab said: “We are delighted to formally establish our partnership with Transform Health following many years of collaboration. By combining the Lab’s well established #MyHealthFutures Youth Network and research and policy analysis capacity with Transform Health’s global advocacy and campaigning power, we can work together in pursuit of a healthier, more equitable world for generations to come.”

Transform Health’s Executive Director, Mathilde Forslund, said, “We are excited to work with like-minded organisations such as DTH Lab that are committed to championing youth leadership in the digital health transformation. The work of DTH Lab is synergistic with Transform Health’s objectives to ensure more effective and equitable governance of health data. We look forward to strengthened collaborations to achieve this together. ”

Building on previous collaboration, the partnership between Transform Health and the DTH-Lab will initially take forward two issues of common interest – health data governance and youth leadership.

Health data governance

Strengthening health data governance as a priority objective for both Transform Health and the DTH-Lab. Through the Health Data Governance Principles and ongoing work to catalyse the development of, and build consensus around minimum standards/considerations for regulations, Transform Health has built consensus and political support around the need for rights and equity-based approaches to the governance of health data. The DTH-Lab is taking forward the Commission’s recommendations for a solidarity-based approach to data governance through the development of tools to assess the public value of data use. Through closer collaboration, the two partners hope to accelerate global, regional and national governance solutions that maximise positive uses of health data whilst safeguarding individual rights.

Youth leadership

Transform Health and the DTH-Lab are both committed to promoting the perspectives and leadership of youth, women, and marginalised groups across all aspects of their work. Building on years of close collaboration between the Young Experts: Tech 4 Health, DTH-Lab’s youth network and Regional Youth Champions, both organisations will continue championing youth leadership and participation in digital health transformations and ensure digital first health systems are centred on the priorities and needs of young people. 


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