TOR – Data visualisation specialist for the ‘My Data, Our Health’ Campaign Dashboard Integration


In January 2023, Transform Health launched the My Data Our Health campaign to raise awareness and galvanise action on the issue of health data governance, and to encourage a public and political conversation.

At the heart of this campaign is the question of trust, between patients and those collecting and using our health data, and in the government to ensure rules are clear and all are protected – now and in the future. 

The My Data Our Health campaign supports Transform Health’s broader objectives of ensuring stronger health governance at all levels by pushing governments to endorse a global framework on health data governance to inform national regulation. The coalition is pushing for this framework to be underpinned by the Health Data Governance Principles (HDGP), to contain core elements for health data governance regulation, and a draft model law and regulation that countries can draw on and domesticate into national legislation. 

To raise people’s awareness of health data governance we have developed the Where’sMyData? campaign action. This simple action invites people to go to their health provider and request their electronic health data. This action has created a digital movement around the campaign and has provided people with first hand experience and awareness of how their data is being managed, used, shared, stored and disposed of. It has also generated important and valuable information for the campaign that has been used to position the issue with the media and politicians. 

So far over 500 people have taken part in this action and their experiences have been captured in an online survey. Transform Health would like to create a dashboard to display this information in an anonymised and visually compelling manner to be attractive to the media and to politicians, whom we hope will use this information to gain insights into people’s lived experiences of interacting with the health system at the local level and accessing their personal health data.  

Transform Health is seeking a contractor (individual or organisation) that can support us achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop a dashboard to visualise, in an anonymised manner, the data collected from the Where’sMyData? Campaign
  • Ensure this dashboard is user friendly and ergonomic
  • Ensure the dashboard can be embedded in the Transform Health website
  • Ensure the dashboard can be automatically updated when new responses to the online survey come in


Scope of Work:

  • Review and understand the raw data from the Where’sMyData? Action, from the  “My Data, Our Health” campaign, and create a comprehensive architecture for the data visualisation dashboard
  • Using the finalised dashboard architecture, design a draft of the visual dashboard tailored for web integration (wordpress website).
  • Collaborate with the website’s development team for seamless dashboard integration.
  • Iterate based on feedback and ensure that the dashboard is user-friendly and interactive, allowing people to filter the data through different fields to gain a visual understanding of the nature of the challenges of accessing data across different contexts.
  • Create a guidance document to allow backend updates using wordpress admin dashboard
  • Deliver final design files and any necessary documentation.


Qualifications and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, data visualisation, or related field.

Proven experience in creating web-based data dashboards.

Proficiency in data visualisation tools and web design software.

Ability to work under tight deadlines, reflecting the 4-week consultation period.

Previous work with health campaigns or similar initiatives is a plus.



Final interactive dashboard design ready for web integration.

Support the web-team in the integration of the dashboard on the TH website.

Comprehensive documentation for update and maintenance of the dashboard.



Week 1: Understanding data, initial architecture, and feedback.

Week 2 and 3: Iterations, integration, development of dashboard, and further feedback.

Week 4: Final adjustments, documentation, and handover.


Compensation will be agreed with the consultant based on a budget proposal submitted with the application. The range for this project is between USD 2,500 and USD 4,000

Payment terms: 50% down payment, 50% upon completion


Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit the following documentation by 1st April 2024:

  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Portfolio with relevant data visualisation projects
  • A brief proposal on approach and budget  for this project


Evaluation Criteria:

Quality and relevance of past work in the portfolio.

Proposed approach to the project.

Availability during the consultation period and ability to meet tight deadlines.



For queries and applications, please reach out to Frank Smith: [email protected]