Insights from the Transform Health Indonesia Digital Health Curriculum Consultation


On March 14, 2024, Transform Health and Transform Health Indonesia (THI) convened a multi-stakeholder consultation to validate and refine a pioneering digital health curriculum tailored for Indonesia’s health sciences  students. Through this consultation, Transform Health sought to garner insights, feedback, and validation from a diverse group of global stakeholders, ensuring that the Digital Health Curriculum developed by Transform Health Indonesia resonates with the needs and expectations of the global healthcare community. The development of the digital health curriculum, the first of its kind in Indonesia, marks a significant milestone in the intersection of healthcare and digital innovation, offering immense potential to revolutionise the healthcare landscape in Indonesia and beyond, aiming to equip future medical professionals with the necessary tools to thrive in the digital health age. 

Why Develop the Digital Health Curriculum?

The development of the Digital Health Curriculum was necessitated by the rapid evolution of digital technologies which are profoundly transforming healthcare delivery worldwide. In Indonesia, where digital technology continues to penetrate various aspects of life, there is a pressing need to ensure that healthcare professionals are not only adept at using new technologies but are also innovators in their field. The curriculum, therefore, was designed to empower healthcare professionals by enhancing their digital competencies, enabling them to improve patient care and adapt to the ongoing digital transformation in healthcare.

The consultation was informed by the work of Transform Health Indonesia, under the stewardship of the Association of Public Health Higher Education Institutions (AIPTKMI) who  developed a comprehensive curriculum designed for undergraduate public health study programs, encompassing 144 academic credits. This curriculum not only aligns with the latest developments in Science, Technology, and Arts (IPTEKS) in Indonesia but also responds to the community needs, user feedback, and the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) initiative launched by the Indonesian Ministry of Education. Following its development, the curriculum was also pilot-tested in 26 public health schools across Indonesia, involving 1,239 students who provided invaluable feedback to further enrich and tailor the curriculum to the current healthcare context. Based on an evaluation amongst the students post pilot phase, participant knowledge increased by 20.27%; the average pre test score was 50.68% while the average post test score was 70.95%. 

Key Insights and Recommendations from the Stakeholder Consultation

The consultation brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, academia, industry leaders, and international organisations such as the WHO, AeHIN (Asia eHealth Information Network). Through a virtual session, participants engaged in vibrant discussions, sharing insights, feedback, and validation from diverse perspectives. Key recommendations emerged from the session, emphasising the importance of sharing the curriculum with public health institutions for feedback, incorporating relevant use-cases and case studies for easier learning, and linking the curriculum’s value directly to job functions within Indonesia’s digital healthcare job market as this in particular could incentivize healthcare students and professionals to undertake the curriculum. These insights underscored the curriculum’s potential as a prerequisite for job roles, ensuring its relevance and uptake across the healthcare industry in Indonesia in a sustainable and consistent manner.

Looking Ahead: Next Steps for the Digital Health Curriculum

As Transform Health Indonesia moves forward, the focus is on refining the Digital Health Curriculum with an eye toward broad application and impact:


The multi-stakeholder consultation hosted by Transform Health Indonesia marked a pivotal step towards transforming healthcare education through digital innovation. The Digital Health Curriculum is set to empower healthcare professionals with the digital skills necessary to lead and innovate in the healthcare sector. By embedding the curriculum in Indonesia’s healthcare education system and linking it to both national policies and broader sector applications, Transform Health Indonesia is not just shaping the future of healthcare in Indonesia but is also paving the way for global advancements in digital health education. This initiative exemplifies Transform Health’s commitment to collaborative development and innovation in the health sector, promising a healthier, more technologically integrated future.