TOR: Technical Project Lead (consultant) – Strengthening health data governance in Africa

Scope of the role

Transform Health is recruiting a Technical Project Lead (consultant) to manage and provide technical support for a project aimed at supporting governments across Africa to strengthen their health data governance approaches, including through the development and endorsement of a set of minimum standards (considerations) for health data governance regulations (articulated in an African Common Position), as well as the development of technical guidelines to support governments to both assess national and strengthen their national approaches. The Technical Project Lead will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of the project and its various components and deliverables, including supporting with developing key products.



More robust, effective  and equitable governance of health data is needed to ensure we are fully harnessing its potential for public benefit and improved health outcomes, while also managing risks, protecting individual rights, and ensuring people’s data is protected from misuse. This is important to lay the foundation for improved public trust in health data systems where individuals feel protected, respected and in control of their own data, while allowing institutions working to protect the health and well-being of the population to access and use it for the public benefit. 

While several countries are instituting health data governance policies and legislation, there is no overarching consensus around what should be the minimum standards or considerations for national regulations for the effective and equitable governance of health data. Given the complex and diverse landscape of regulations and legislations across countries, as well as gaps within this landscape, we believe that there is value in countries and other stakeholders coming together to build consensus and alignment around what the minimum and optimal regulations should be – essentially to establish a set of minimum standards (considerations) for health data governance regulations.

Transform Health is working with partners to catalyse and feed into the development of a set of minimum standards (considerations) for health data governance regulations, as well as to develop technical guidelines to support their implementation and strengthen national health data governance approaches.. This responds to key regional strategies and frameworks in Africa, which recognise the need for stronger health data governance across the region, particularly regulatory aspects, including the AU Data Policy Framework, the Africa CDC Digital Health Transformation Strategy, and the 2022 African Internet Governance Forum. 

Transform Health is working on a project which aims to support governments across Africa to strengthen their health data governance approaches. The project will deliver on the following activities and areas of work:

  1. Landscape analyses (through rapid assessments) in six countries in the region to assess current approaches to health data governance and take stock of relevant national legislation, regulation, policies, practices and capacity, and how they align with the Health Data Governance Principles. Through this activity, we will develop and test an approach/methodology for carrying out national health data governance landscape analyses (rapid assessments), which can be used in other countries.
  2. National and regional multi-stakeholder consultations and an online survey to gather insight from experts and stakeholder; to identify best practices and gaps; and to identify existing international and regional standards and norms that would complement the minimum standards. 
  3. Further research to map existing national data regulations/frameworks and identify best practices and gaps in health health data governance regulatory approaches (this will supplement information that will be provided through the consultation reports, online survey and landscape assessment reports from 6 countries).
  4. Develop a set of minimum standards (considerations) for health data governance regulations (articulated within an African Common Position, with the aim of having this endorsed by Member States through the African Union), which will build alignment and consensus around what is needed, while also serving as a resource and benchmark for governments to strengthen their national approaches. 
    1. The landscape analyses, multi-stakeholder consultations, government and stakeholder interviews, and further research will feed into an initial draft set of minimum standards for wide stakeholder consultations.  
    2. Further consultations will be convened on the draft set of minimum standards to gather feedback and build consensus.
  5. Develop technical guidelines to support governments to both assess national approaches (based on the landscape analysis approach/methodology) and to strengthen them (based on and to support implementation of the minimum standards/African Common Position). These guidelines will be developed in consultation with governments and other stakeholders across the six pilot countries to ensure they are both relevant and appropriate across different national contexts. Through this process we will further validate the guidelines, which will then be promoted among governments, multilateral institutions, civil society and other stakeholders.  

This project will be delivered in close collaboration with a number of partners and stakeholders in the region and beyond. 



In support of this work, Transform Health is recruiting a Technical Project Lead (consultant) to manage and provide technical support for this project and its various components and deliverables. This will include the following key responsibilities:

  • Project manage the project, including:
    • Setting up the necessary systems/documents to ensure good oversight of project components/deliverables and to ensure the timely delivery of project activities.
    • Manage deliverables of consultants/services providers recruited under this project, ensuring they meet agreed timelines for their deliverables (some project deliverables will be delivered by consultants/service providers, while some will be delivered by the project lead).
  • Support with organising monthly meetings with key partners (partner working group), including setting agendas, providing updates on the project, and following up on actions.
  • Lead on drafting the interim and final report for the project for the donor, in addition to providing brief monthly updates on project progress (as part of Transform Health’s M&E updates)
  • Oversee and provide technical review of project deliverables by consultants/services providers recruited under the project, namely:
    • Summary report that details best practices and gaps in national/regional health data governance regulations, as well as existing international and regional norms and standards that would complement minimum standards for health data governance regulations.
    • Draft set of minimum standards (considerations) for health data governance regulations.
    • Survey questions to solicit feedback on the draft minimum standards.
    • Proposed list of countries for the landscape analyses (rapid assessments). 
    • Draft health data governance landscape analysis (rapid assessment) approach/methodology.
    • Draft landscape analysis (rapid assessment) reports for six countries.
    • Technical guidelines that can be used to assess national health data governance approaches (based on the landscape analysis approach/methodology). 
    • Technical guidelines to support countries to implement the minimum standards. 
  • Work with regional networks and partners to convene consultations across all five AU regions to gather feedback on the draft minimum standards.
  • Facilitate the sharing of project deliverables with the relevant stakeholders and working groups, as well as an Advisory Group/list that will be established to provide expert guidance and advice on the development of the set of minimum standards, as well as other stakeholders (as relevant) to solicit their feedback. 
  • Work with Transform Health communications colleagues to provide updates and project outcomes/achievements that can be amplified through our channels, as well as to coordinate on comms needs to design and publish final project deliverables (e.g. landscape reports, minimum standards).
  • Work with Transform Health colleagues involved in this project to carry out other tasks as relevant, in support of project objectives.

The Technical project lead (consultant) will work closely with the Transform Health Enabling Function (Secretariat), relevant working groups, HELINA, Africa CDC, WHO AFRO and other key stakeholders, and consultants/services providers that are recruited to deliver particular pieces of work under this project.



  • RFP published: 3 November 2023
  • Deadline to submit proposals for this role: 15 November 2023  
  • Technical Project Lead selected: 24 November 2023
  • Contact start date: ~1 December 2023
  • Contract end date: 31 October 2024


Profile and experience 

We are looking for a candidate with expertise in the areas of data governance or specifically health data governance, particularly in Africa. Expertise around regulatory aspects of (health) data governance would be an asset. The candidate should have strong project management skills, as well as research and analytical skills, with the ability to synthesise findings and make clear recommendations. The candidate should have good knowledge of the political context in Africa and experience engaging with governments and other stakeholders in the region. They should also understand regional mechanisms and bodies (e.g. Africa CDC, AU), including regional political and decision-making processes. Preference will be given to consultants based in Africa.


Application process 

To apply, please submit the following to [email protected] by 09:00 CET on 15 November 2023: 

  • Your CV and cover letter outlining your experience relevant to this role.
  • Your proposed total/monthly remuneration for this assignment.


Contract details

Capacity: This will be a part time role (50%) 

Duration: 11 months (1 December 2023 – 31 October 2024)

Salary: The proposed remuneration for this role will be approximately US$30,000 – 35,000 (based on a part time, 11 month contract), depending on experience. 


About Transform Health 

Transform Health is a global coalition of organisations dedicated to achieving health for all in the digital age. Transform Health sets out to build a global movement that brings together organisations and institutions across different sectors, committed to achieving universal health coverage by 2030 by expanding the use of digital technology and increasing access to data. We campaign and collaborate with the individuals, communities, governments, organisations and institutions that are most affected by the lack of access to equitable, affordable and high-quality healthcare.