Terms of Reference: Translator for Digital Health Investment Report

Transform Health, the global coalition for calling for the digital transformation of health systems to ensure health for all, is looking for a Translator for the our new report ‘Closing the digital divide’, and associated assets with its launch.

Work start and duration: 23 Nov 2022 – 15 Jan 2023

Context of Work

The digital transformation of health systems has the potential to improve access, quality and efficiency of health care on an unprecedented scale, and accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage. It is therefore critical for national governments to allocate necessary funding to digitally enable their health systems. To guide this work, Transform Health has published a Conceptual Framework to guide investments and action towards health for all in the digital age.

Closing the digital divide: More and better funding for the digital transformation of health’ frames the thinking on how to guide investments and action for digital health transformation in low and lower-middle income countries. The report lays out six key recommendations for national governments, international donors, and the private sector to increase and improve investments towards building digitally-enabled health systems that improve health outcomes for all.

We want to ensure that the content of this report and associated assets are available in some of the most commonly spoken languages across the world – namely French and Spanish, for Francophone Africa and Latin America.


Each of these deliverables will need to be translated into French & Spanish.

It is to be noted that the main report (no. 1) will be the main document to be translated, and many of the others (nos. 2-6) use much of the same language from the main document and therefore will not require translation to be done from scratch.

We would prefer the translations to be laid out with the English text side by side with Spanish & French for our designers to be able to easily adapt them into the designed copies.


Content Length Notes
1. The main report,
including all graphs,
figures, tables and end
60 pages in
docx format.
The full content of the main report, excluding
the Annexes but including the End Notes (i.e.,
excluding pages 83-98 in main report)
2. 4 Policy briefs of 4
pages each
4 docs x 4
pages = 16
Around half the content of these 4 documents
is the same, so it is effectively only around 2
pages of fresh content per brief.
3. 2 Regional briefs of 5
pages each
2 docs x 5
pages = 10
Each document is only needed in one
language. One of the briefs will need to be
translated into French and one into Spanish.
This is mainly fresh content, but uses similar
language from the main report.
4. Presentation (13 slides) 13 slides
‘Recommendations’ text is repeated from
main report
5. Infographic text 1 document
‘Recommendations’ text is repeated from
main report
6. 11 social media posts Approx. 300
words total
‘Recommendations’ posts are repeated from
main report


Deadline for all French assets: 5 Dec 2022
Deadline for all Spanish assets: 5 Jan 2022


4000-5500 USD

Application process

To apply please submit the following by 20 Nov to
[email protected]:

● A cover letter stating your experience and suitability for the role, including details of relevant projects – especially for non-profit organisations, or on technical/health-related projects.
● A timeline for completing all deliverables
● A financial quote for all your services, with a breakdown of costs

About Transform Health

Who we are: Transform Health is a global coalition of organisations dedicated to achieving health for all in the digital age.

What we do: Transform Health sets out to build a global movement that brings together organisations and institutions across different sectors, committed to achieving universal health coverage within the next ten years by expanding the use of digital technology and increasing access to data. We campaign and collaborate with the individuals, communities, governments, organisations and institutions that are most affected by the lack of access to equitable, affordable and high-quality healthcare.