Express your interest to join Transform Health’s Policy Circle (Existing Coalition Members Only)


Transform Health is currently looking to fill five spaces on its Policy Circle. The Policy circle is represented by coalition partners who oversee the policy and advocacy work of the coalition, in support of Transform Health’s overarching goal and objectives. Share your expression of interest to become a member of the Policy Circle by submitting this form by the 28th September 2023 at 9am CET.




Transform Health is a coalition of more than 100 organisations committed to harnessing the potential of digital tools and data to achieve UHC by 2030, with a focus on the individuals and communities who are most affected by the lack of access to equitable, affordable, and high-quality healthcare.



Transform Health’s overarching goal is for UHC to be achieved by 2030 by harnessing digital technology and the use of data. Towards this goal, we have set the following objectives:

    1. Stronger political will – recognition of the fundamental role of digital technologies and data use to transform and strengthen health systems to expand primary health care which is an essential foundation for achieving UHC by 2030.
    2. A global health data governance framework – a global framework, articulating a set of common/minimum regulations, to allow for full beneficial, impactful, and responsible management of health data, while safeguarding data privacy, ownership and security.
    3. Increased and coordinated investment – increased and better coordinated and aligned domestic and international financial commitments/investments to strengthen digitally enabled primary health care systems. 

Critical to achieving our objectives, we are committed to putting communities at the centre of digital transformation of health. This includes the need for adequate resourcing and opportunities to ensure meaningful participation of civil society and diverse communities – particularly youth, women and marginalised groups – in digital health governance at all levels and across regions and countries, and to hold decision makers to account.


Role of the Policy Circle

The Policy Circle was set up by Transform Health’s Executive Committee, and is represented by coalition partners who oversee the policy and advocacy work of the coalition, in support of Transform Health’s overarching goal and objectives. Transform Health’s policy and influencing work lays the groundwork for the coalition’s efforts to create an enabling environment for the digital transformation of primary health care systems and the equitable use of data to help accelerate progress towards UHC.

Policy Circle objective/focus: 

    1. Provide policy and advocacy steer and oversight for the policy agendas and workstreams of the coalition (including relevant working groups), namely:
      1. Health Data Governance (key asks + approach for developing a global framework; further endorsement of the Principles and tools to support their implementation)
      2. Investing in digital health transformation (proposed priority areas)
      3. Digital health for UHC (key asks; prioritising on political agendas)
      4. Gender and digital health (scope of work)
    2. Provide policy guidance and input to national coalitions/regional networks/working groups (around coalition policy priorities, e.g. HDG, digital health investment), including promoting linkages with global work and objectives. 
    3. Provide strategic oversight of Transform Health Working groups (namely on Health Data Governance and Digital Health Investment).
    4. Contribute to the thought leadership for the coalition, including overseeing a research piece in support of the coalition’s policy and advocacy work.

Policy Circle Membership

Length of appointment: 

    • 2 years (for members and co-chairs)
    • Members may apply for a second term by submitting a new Expression of Interest. Following a second term, they will need to leave a one year break before reapplying for a further term. 

Number of policy circle members: 15 (including 2 co-chairs)

Desired profiles within policy circle membership:

    • Experience in policy/policy making
    • Experience in advocacy/influencing
    • Experience in relevant technical area
    • Research expertise
    • Global – regional – national mix
    • Geographic distribution
    • Gender Balance

Expectations of members: 

    • Attend and actively participate in monthly meetings, including follow up actions;
      • If a member misses three consecutive meetings without reason or appointing another member of their organisation to attend on their behalf then they will be deemed inactive and their space on the circle is eligible to be offered to another partner.
    • Provide strategic guidance on Transform Health’s policy agendas, plans and activities; 
    • Provide feedback on work shared with the circle for review; 
    • Share information, intelligence and opportunities that could support the coalitions objectives; 
    • Support implementation of specific activities to support delivery of strategies and plans, where appropriate; 
    • Contribute written thought leadership on subjects of expertise and interest that can be promoted through Transform Heath’s communication channels, where appropriate;
    • Work effectively and collaboratively with others;
    • Be approachable and mindful of other people’s opinions and perspectives.
    • Respond to the annual partner satisfaction survey and participate in check-ins with the Transform Health Secretariat as needed (but no more frequently than bi-annually).

Expectations of Circle co‐chairs

    • Setting monthly meeting agendas, with support from the Circle Manager; 
    • Facilitating monthly meetings;
    • Showing leadership in setting the Circle’s agenda and moving the Circle’s tasks to completion; 
    • Representing the Circle’s agenda in the Governance & Strategy Circle; and 
    • Socialising the Circle’s work across different organisations, including their own.

Policy Circle Meetings

    • Meetings will be held monthly on the last Monday of the month.
    • Meetings will be facilitated by the Circle co-chairs.
    • Meetings will be no more than 1 hour in duration. 
    • Agendas of meetings to be set by Circle co-chairs and circulated by the Circle Manager one week in advance.
    • Minutes will be taken by the Enabling Function Coordinator, reviewed by the Circle Manager, and distributed within one week.
    • Meeting documentation is stored on Google Drive in the Policy folder.