Short-Term Consultant: Designer to Develop Infographics

Transform Health is looking for a designer to develop an infographic and related materials for the launch of our Investment Case Report, launching on 17 October 2022.

Verticals of work required: infographic design

Work start and duration: 19 Sep – 10 October 2022


The digital transformation of health offers the potential to improve the quality, coverage, affordability and accessibility of health services, to help and accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage. It is therefore critical for national governments to allocate necessary funding to digitally enable their health systems as part of wider health system strengthening investment, and to ensure that this is part of their national plans and priorities. Enabling sustainable and coordinated investment to support digital-enabled health systems therefore, has been a core objective for Transform Health since its inception.

Making the case for increased investment

Transform Health is working with our partners Joep Lange Institute and PATH/Digital Square to develop a Conceptual Framework to make the case for investment to support the inclusive, equitable and sustainable digital transformation of health systems in low- and middle-income countries (L/MICs).

It will provide an evidence-based approach to prioritise investment areas and define the level of investment necessary to support the financing of digital health transformation. We want to demonstrate to governments and investors that with coordinated, targeted, large-scale investments, they can catalyse and dramatically accelerate the digital transformation of countries’ primary healthcare systems towards achieving Universal Health Coverage.

The case for investment will be launched globally at the World Health Summit in
Berlin on 18th October, and across regions.

Scope of Work

The designer is expected to peruse the report and develop the content and design for an infographic that summarises the key findings and recommendations of the report in an attractive visual style.

The deliverables are:

  1. 1-2 page Infographic in PDF/PNG format
  2. 3-5 smaller social media posts with key findings from the report

The infographic must adhere to Transform Health’s brand identity. While existing assets can be used for the design, additional elements may need to be created based on the requirements of the infographic.


€1,000 – €3,000

Profile and experience

We are looking for an experienced graphic designer with specific expertise in producing the content and design of infographics. Experience working with global non-profits is preferred and/or on themes of investments and fundraising.

Application process

To apply please write to by 11th September 2022 with the following:

  • A resume/CV
  • Portfolio of relevant graphic design work. Please include:
    ○ Infographics developed
    ○ Relevant experience with non-profits
  • Financial quote for this project within the aforementioned budget
  • Confirmation whether the final deadline of 10 October for all assets can be met.

Feel free to contact Asmita Ghosh with any questions.

About Transform Health

Who we are: Transform Health is a global coalition of organisations dedicated to achieving health for all in the digital age.

What we do: Transform Health sets out to build a global movement that brings together organisations and institutions across different sectors, committed to achieving universal health coverage within the next ten years by expanding the use of digital technology and increasing access to data. We campaign and collaborate with the individuals, communities, governments, organisations and institutions that are most affected by the lack of access to equitable, affordable and high-quality healthcare.