ToR for Short-Term Social Media Manager Consultancy

Transform Health, the global coalition calling for the digital transformation of health systems to ensure health for all, is looking for an experienced social media manager to lead the social media for our global week of action, Digital Health Week.

Verticals of work required: video editing, animation, video production

Duration of work: 19 Sep – 19 Oct 2022, 20 hours a week


Digital Health Week is an annual global week of action started by Transform Health in 2021, to bring together the global community to host events and make public commitments to pledge to the digital transformation of health systems to achieve health for all by 2030.

Transform Health organises Digital Health Week, and manages its operations. This includes running its social media and website, and managing the process of participation and engagement in Digital Health Week.

Scope of Work

  • Post 1-3 social media posts per day on Transform Health’s social media accounts, five days a week, in the stipulated period.
  • Develop social media content plans, including posts, polls and other engagement plans.
  • Manage and update the Social Media Content Calendar alignment with Digital Health Week updates.
  • Use designed templates on Canva to develop event graphics and commitment posters for social media
  • Create paid social media advertising plan for Digital Health Week
  • Manage paid social media posts.
  • Create a social media analytics report after Digital Health Week.

Fee Scope

USD 1,000 – 3,000

Profile and experience

We are looking for an experienced social media manager, with a demonstrated ability to manage social media ad campaigns, and who is familiar using Google Drive, Canva, and social media management tools.

Application process

To apply please submit the following by 11th September 2022 to

  • CV
  • A cover letter. Include interesting social media engagement tactics you have used in the past.
  • A portfolio of relevant work and experience
  • Sample design work, if any
  • Previous social media reports created, if any

About Transform Health

Who we are: Transform Health is a global coalition of organisations dedicated to achieving health for all in the digital age.

What we do: Transform Health sets out to build a global movement that brings together organisations and institutions across different sectors, committed to achieving universal health coverage within the next ten years by expanding the use of digital technology and increasing access to data. We campaign and collaborate with the individuals, communities, governments, organisations and institutions that are most affected by the lack of access to equitable, affordable and high-quality health care.